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Out Sourcing

Outsourcing has become an integral part of the way business is conducted, in both big and small enterprises. Outsourcing isn’t just doing it cheap. It is about streamlining your business operations with value addition at a significant cost advantage.

At its most simplified interpretation, globalization is getting the money from anywhere in the world, attracting ideas from any person in the world, manufacturing products at the cheapest prices, designing solutions by teams across the world and selling them all over the world. All of this happens through unrestricted movement of capital, resources and manpower to all markets bypassing the borders.

Outsourcing forms backbone of this system by adding value to all stakeholders involved, especially the customer. Outsourcing is a fundamental ingredient of any business strategy, affecting every stage of all business operations.

Outsourcing lets you focus on what matters most to you – business growth.
Outsourcing lets you concentrate on your core operations, making you more productive.
Outsourcing builds confidence in your enterprise to explore new markets and enter new domains of business.
Outsourcing quickens the product/service turnaround times, gives huge cost advantage, adds value and makes your business lean and mean.

Why Prosertech ?

ProserTech is a fast-growing provider of offshore outsourcing services and IT consultancy operations. Since 2003, we have been offering a range of services to many established names in the international marketplace. Our services have been specially tailored to meet the needs of small and medium scale enterprises.

ProserTech has the expertise, domain knowledge and a proven capability to implement Matured Execution Models with its quality human resources, robust infrastructure and strong R&D means.
ProserTech’s stringent implementation of globally recognized Project Management Systems in operational activities has helped many organizations to reduce project lifecycles and improve competitiveness.
Outsourcing their non-core operations to ProserTech has let our clients to focus more on strategic plans and high-growth areas of their business operations. Reduced costs due to outsourcing have enhanced their financial health and operational flexibility.

ProserTech has been a reliable partner in providing various outsourcing needs through professional services ranging from web designing to IT staff augmentation to applications development.

Our outsourcing model is different from other ‘software factories’ which focus on what is readily available for packaging than maintaining congruence with the specifications provided by the client.

ProserTech always employs a few members of its global team or lets the client staffs work closely with the in-house team to define requirements, review prototypes, and manages scope changes and thus forming a seamless flow of synergy, expertise and experience.

Our fully functional, scalable, networked and secure offshore computing and physical infrastructure combined with a well-defined and tested processes have enabled us to provide quality, effectiveness and responsiveness to the clients.

Whether you are an independent consultant or a software development firm, we are always interested in exploring avenues to partner and grow together. Please mail to for further details on offshore software outsourcing partnership. We will get back to you within two business days.